LED Lighting Upgrade

LED Lighting Upgrade

Lights can be the biggest energy consumers in households. They can be responsible for up to 40 percent of your average household energy bills. Home appliances also consume energy but you can’t simply go and replace your refrigerator or washing machine with the new one.
Switching to energy-efficient LED lights is your best bet to help reduce energy bills. We say so because this doesn’t only impact your energy bills and overall ambience of your house positively but also reduces your carbon footprint – which is one of the biggest reasons residential LED lighting upgrade is so important.
Aotea Electric Auckland is an experienced LED installer.
Key Benefits:

  • LED products are energy efficient.
  • LEDs save about 80% in energy costs compared with halogen and incandescent lights.
  • Lights with motion sensors and daylight harvesting can save a lot more.
  • The LED lamps last much longer, reducing renovation/replacement costs.
  • Our lighting solutions suit your home


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