Q:  Can I undertake electrical work myself

A:  No – You should use a registered electrician at all times for any electrical work.  We appreciate the Kiwi "Can-Do" spirit, but for some things, that's just not a good idea!


Q:  Can you book jobs online?

A:  Yes, please refer to book a job page HERE


Q:  Can you install Electric Vehicle chargers?

A:  Yes, We can provide a quote to install an EV charger for your home or workplace


Q:  What is a certificate of compliance (COC)

A:  lectrical certificates of compliance are used to confirm that electrical installations within a building meet the required standards for safety under law. They document that electrical circuits, appliances and works carried out are legally compliant at the time they are put into service.


Q:  How much power can I save my using LED lights in my house instead of regular lightbulbs?

A:  LED lights are good for the environment and can also save power, please use our LED calculator to give you an estimated power savings total (link)


Q:  Can you install home ventilation systems and heatpumps?

A:  Yes – We are a certified installer for DVS and can install various models of heatpumps?


Q:  Can you provide automation services or lighting control?

A:  Yes – We have dedicated automation experts to automate your home of office. Life will never be the same again!


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