7 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards in NZ Homes

7 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards in NZ Homes

7 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards in NZ Homes


Part of what we do as Electricians here in Auckland is help people safeguard their home.

Often, issues arising from electrical problems can be spotted, and fixed, well before they are a problem.

This checklist, put together by our Auckland Electrician team, is designed to help you become aware, so that you can get in touch with an Electrician so they can come along and help you out.  


Being Careless


Sounds basic, but is key to many issues we find.  

Use appliances as they are intended, don’t stick things where they shouldn’t go, and just be careful. 

Electrical faults can hurt you, kill you, and burn your house down.  Just be careful!


Electric Blankets

Coming into winter here in Auckland, people will bring out their blankets again. 

Wiring may have been folded, damaged, or become worn. If at all concerned you should get them independently tested by our service electricians.

Last tip - never leave an electric blanket on when you are not home!  Again, sounds obvious....


DIY Electrical work


This is more prevalent than you would think.  Plenty of Kiwis live by that “Number 8 wire” thinking, and pride themselves on doing things themselves.

This should NOT apply to electrical work.  If you have even the slightest inkling that some of your wiring or electrical work was not done by a professional, get an electrician in at once to check it over.  


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Old Wiring


Simple - and seen frequently in our work in the Auckland region.

Our electricians are coming across wiring, daily, that is over 50 years old.  If you think your wiring is getting aged and worn, get it checked out.  

Loose - worn - just not looking right - get in touch for a safety assessment of your wiring.  


Extension Cords / Multi Plug boards


We’ve all seen the overloaded powerpoint in the corner of a room.  This is not a good idea. 

The needs of Auckland homes have changed, and people have far more devices and electrical needs. 

Overloading a power point is not a good idea. 

Better idea is to get some more power points installed, and at the same time upgrade to newer, safer technology. 


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Old Appliances


Our Electricians see this often.  A nice new build in Auckland somewhere, with lovely powerpoints and really OLD appliances.

We’ve seen toasters that are literally 50 years old still in use! 

Check cords for wear and fraying, listen out for any funny sounds, and if something is due for replacement, just do it. 




Hard to believe but faulty lighting often causes issues in homes.  Easy to ignore, because hey, they often still turn on! 

Please be careful with lights.  Make sure you change them with dry hands, make sure the light is turned OFF when replacing.

It is well worth getting a general inspection of all lights in your home. 

Sounds like overkill, but it's not.  

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