Massey University - Automation

Massey University - Automation

Aotea Automation Auckland installed a CBus system for Massey University in Albany.

This 9800 sqm complex is part of the University’s $120 million development plan to meet the growth in student numbers at Auckland. This state of the art facility will be home to the science innovation and research centre and will house teaching and research laboratories and collaborative working space to connect the University with industry and the local community.

The Cbus system is controlling

  • Class Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Breakout Areas
  • Outdoor lighting
  • DMX Dimming for RGB controlled rooms
  • Interface to BMS system, installed by Honeywell
  • LUX level control
  • Over 200 Sensors
  • 56 Lines of Dali (up to 64 adresses per line)
  • 56 EDLT Switches (multipage digital labelled switches)
  • Ten x 10” Colour Touchscreens
  • Lights Temperature controlled simulate daylight on Level 4
  • Interface with Access control for labs.

The client has the ability to,

  • Change sensor timeouts.
  • Change lux levels for individual areas
  • Change scheduled times
  • Dimming functionality in meeting rooms
  • Change colour of Lab rooms and reset as necessary.