Catalina Bay

Catalina Bay

Little Creatures Brewing at Catalina Bay - more than just beer and office space...

Our communications team installed 5 data cabinets across 2 sites including The Hangar500m+ of cat6A cables installed, terminated, labelled and tested. 

The Hangar is just 25m from the water’s edge in the stunning Catalina Bay precinct. This award-winning, purpose-built coworking space is dedicated to inspire, invigorate and advance freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level.

Little Creatures hoppy adventure in Catalina Bay began in February 2019, and Aotea Electric Auckland came along for the ride. Hobsonville Point was known for having a rich and interesting aviation history within the area.  What once was a military base, was also the birthplace of the commercial aviation industry in New Zealand.

During WW2, Hangars were a crucial element to the Hobsonville Point Air Base, for both storing and repairing helicopters, planes and seaplanes (some of which are up to 34 meters wide!) Hangars like these, have allowed for the preservation of aircrafts for over 80 years, which still remain in pristine viewing condition.

The Sunderland Hangar in Hobsonville has now been transformed into Little Creatures. A home away from home where you can share their love of great beer, warm hospitality and welcome more people into the world of Little Creatures. In 2023 there’s an increasingly crowded sea of craft beer, but they've made a little promise to themselves to keep true to themselves and their vision. Little Creatures invites you to help them embrace their little differences on their journey in creating a little slice of magic in Hobsonville.


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