Switchboards Checks and Servicing

Switchboards Checks and Servicing

Low and medium voltage switchboards play an important role in the safety and efficiency of an electrical distribution system. Many commercial buildings rely on switchboards to effectively distribute electrical power to appliances or electrical devices that are then used by consumers. Without proper construction and maintenance of the switchboard, failures in the switchboard gear may occur, and prove to be costly and dangerous.

Benefits of a Maintained Switchboard

Electrical distribution equipment is not immune to aging, and it will slowly deteriorate over time. Factors such as the environment or the conditions in which it is operated can speed up this process. In order to continue to effectively distribute power, the switchboard will require routine maintenance. While this may seem like a chore, there are numerous benefits to keeping your switchboard in good shape:

  • Safety
  • Increased lifespan of the switchboard
  • Reduced Amount of Unexpected Equipment Failures

Regular testing should be performed to ensure that the switchboard is functioning as it should. These tests could include either high potential testing or insulation resistance testing.

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