THE SPARK TO SUCCESS - Bright Prospects for Electrician in Auckland

THE SPARK TO SUCCESS - Bright Prospects for Electrician in Auckland


NICK GARRATT was two years into a commerce degree when he had a complete change of career path.

Now he is a qualified Auckland electrician and living the dream.

The 26-year-old took Classics, Economics, Statistics, History and English in Year 13 at James Hargest College in Invercargill. He went off to Otago University but two years into his degree he just knew it was not for him.

After moving to Auckland, he stumbled across becoming an electrician through friends of his. Nick was advised to go and see Etco (The Electrical Training Company) who provide more electrical apprentices to companies than anyone else.

“I had an interview with Etco and they agreed to take me on,” says Nick. “Etco teamed me up with Aotea Electric in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. I spent my entire apprenticeship with them and I am still there. The co-ordinators Etco assign to you help you keep up with your book work and provide lots of help, including independent mental health help if it’s needed.”

Nick finished his apprenticeship earlier this year. He says with his late start getting into the industry, he had to catch up quickly in some areas but there were also advantages of having studied different areas.

“A lot of the technical side of things was fairly challenging as there was quite a lot to wrap your head around. There are a lot of intricate parts. You get drip-fed that throughout your apprenticeship but it is a hurdle everyone has to climb over.

“On the positive side, knowing how to manage people has been very useful. You have to deal with people of all ages and walks of life, so I think I had the skills already how to navigate that socially to get the job done.”

The lifestyle of being an electrician appeals to Nick.

He also likes the positive team culture and attitude within his team.

“In this industry the thinking outside the box for new ideas is rewarded. Everyone is encouraged to come up with ideas and that shows you have potential when you first start. The social side of the industry is really good and there is quite a lot of freedom as well. I love working for Aotea at the moment but you can go anywhere in the world. It is a great feeling knowing that your job is very transferrable across multiple countries.”

Career prospects in the industry in New Zealand for qualified tradies is as good as it ever has been. Nick says the industry is understaffed at the moment, wages are going up and there is a lot of work going on.

“For anyone that is getting into the trades, even if they started in the next two years, it is still probably going to be on the upward trend. School leavers who get stuck in, take the ups and the downs and push through, once you get your ticket you will be away.”



Fast forward 3 years, Nick is not only a qualified electrician for Aotea Electric Auckland, but he has been promoted to a Electrical Foreman and his running his own jobs managing other electricians and apprentices on job sites.

Well done Nick - We thank you for your workmanship and dedication to Aotea Electric Auckland.


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