How to save money on power in Auckland this winter

How to save money on power in Auckland this winter

8 Tips to help you save money on power this winter in Auckland


1:  Efficient Lighting - lights are on in winter more than summer, so we recommend you do 2 key things - i) consider getting LED lights where possible and ii) simply be aware of what is turned on and why.  If you need to talk about new lights, get in touch with our team HERE.


2:  Use your Dryer as LITTLE as possible - while super convenient, dryers are not cheap to run.  Hate to sound like an annoying parent but get that washing out in the sun whenever possible, and as early in the day as possible.   


3:  Minimise Shower Time - so tempting to spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower to warm up - we totally understand!  If you are wearing the right clothes, applying some of the other ideas in this list, and generally being smart, you won't need to waste precious hot water.  


4:  Keep your house as DRY as possible - not only is a damp home unhealthy, it's harder to heat up.  Dry homes are very important.  Ensure you never dry clothes inside, use your kitchen extractor fans when you need to, and open the house up during the day if possible to let the house air out.  


5:  Let the sun in - then keep the warmth in.  When the day is over and light starts to fade, close up the curtains and retain some of that daylight warmth.  


6:  Manage your heating space as required.  Keep rooms closed that don't need heating, close doors as required during the day, and generally think about what space you are heating and why.  The less volume / space you have to heat, the less money you are spending on power.  


7:  Insulation.  Ensure your insulation is up to date, many Auckland homes are not insulated very well as they are older, so speak with the appopriate people, and ensure your home is insulated up to the necessary standards.  


8:  Dress Warm! Should go without saying but do you really need your house warm enough in winter to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt?  


Bonus tip - have you checked your heat pumps lately for clean and efficient filters?  Can be as simple as pop it open, and vacuum the filters without even removing them!

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