3 reasons to install commercial EV chargers - attract customers

3 reasons to install commercial EV chargers - attract customers

What can make or break a customer’s decision to choose one retail store over another?

The ease of parking can be a factor. 

But as the electric vehicle market continues to grow—drivers’ decisions about where to shop will start to be based on whether a Mall offers EV charging.

Because EV drivers tend to have higher incomes on average and are often loyal to places where they can charge, they can become a brand’s most valuable customers.

With 35% of global new car sales expected to be electric by 2040, it’s time for retail malls to get ready to accommodate EVs.

Here are three ways EV charging can help retailers boost sales.


1. Attract EV Drivers


So what does EV charging do for retail stores besides let people plug in? Many people drive and park for their retail shopping trips—so many that the number of cars in carparks is being used to predict market performance for retail companies. EV drivers obviously need to park, too, and they prefer to do it where they can charge. As EV market share keeps growing, EV charging will become a key investment for retailers that want to attract EV drivers.


2. Increase Customer Spend


Charging not only attracts customers and keeps them around longer, but can also increase the amount of time and money they spend in a store.

One major retailer found that shoppers spent about a dollar for every minute they were in the store. By adding EV charging, the retailer tripled time in store and, as a result, tripled customer spend.

Now that’s a good deal.


3. Put Your Store on the Map


EV charging also puts stores on the map—literally. EV drivers rely on EV charging apps like Plugshare’s mobile app to quickly find places where they can charge. When drivers look for places to charge in our app, they can easily find retail stores that offer charging for their vehicles.

Because EV drivers tend to charge their cars while they shop, having charging available can convince drivers to choose a store over a competitor’s location.